Bach flower remedies are a form of treatment of the complementary medicine. It was first developed by physician and homeopath dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936). Bach fell seriously ill in 1917 and found out about the healing effect of plants. His interest grew stronger throughout the years what ended up in Bach leaving his medical practice in 1930 to study the healing effect of plants.  


Bach believed the dew he found on the flowers every morning possessed the healing effect of the plants and collected it as a medicine. Because of the succes he came up with a way to produce the "dew" himself. He placed the freshly picked flowers in a glass bowl filled with pure mineral water and placed it in the sun for a while. The liquid this resulted in had the same effect as the dew. Up to this day the remedies are still made the way in the Dr. Edward Bach Centre in Oxfordshire. 

Bach flower remedies are a form of holistic medicine (the person as a whole is treated, not just the symptoms). The remedies are mostly selected based on mental and emotional wellbeing, attitude and behaviours tipical for the person. The beautiful thing about bach flower remedies is that they are a completely safe, non-invasive form of therapy to use for almost everyone. 

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