Aromatherapy is a treatment of the complementary medicine. Aromatherapy is the treating of people (or animals) by using plant-based aromatic substances. Most of the time that will mean essential oils but other plant-based substances can be used aswell like oils (which are needed to dilute essential oils) and hydrosols.

Within the aromatherapy there are several movements. The two most important ones are  the French school and the English school. I personally am being schooled conforming the French school. The French school mostly works with the knowledge of the chemical compounts that together form an essential oil and the effects they have on the body and psyche. The French school uses a broader set of applications and will ofter use a higher dosage. In some cases essential oils can be used pure on the skin (however not in all cases and not with all essential oils).

The French school knows lots of applications for aromatherapy. There are different routes of application like dermal (through the skin), internal and through inhalation. For applications on the skin you can think of creams, massage or in a bath. For internal use it can mean taking a capsule or a suppository. Inhalation is possible by diffusing or through an inhalation stick and ofcourse when you are being massaged you will inhale the oil too.

Right now I am still following my education at FytArom. This is a three-year education to become a naturopathic clinical aromatherapist. 

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